Dynamo™ Retail Fulfillment and Logistics

dy•na•mo (noun)

1. a machine that converts mechanical energy into electricity
2. an energetic, hardworking person or team
Group O provides a full spectrum of integrated solutions that enable manufacturers and retailers to optimize their supply chains while achieving greater efficiencies. When it comes to moving product and merchandising to and from retail locations, we provide the scale and know-how to get things done better, faster and more efficiently.
We call it Dynamo.
Dynamo is a tailorable suite of retail-focused supply chain solutions. Choose individual services — or let us handle your end-to-end supply chain ecosystem. Either way, you’ll enjoy fast, reliable results — along with deep visibility and transparency throughout.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Standardizing supplier relationships and onboarding
  • Ensuring that the right locations get the right materials, on-time, every time
  • Minimizing printing costs while eliminating overages and inefficiencies
  • Developing accurate planograms for a variety of store types and footprints
  • Enabling seamless order management through our tailorable MySupply® portal — making it easy for all locations to get the items they need quickly and efficiently
  • Optimizing distribution efficiencies while reducing shipping costs
  • Making in-store installations and set-up efficient and painless
  • Providing one point of contact for effectively managing multiple suppliers
  • Creating a lens into everything that’s going on throughout the supply chain while providing fingertip access to actionable intelligence
  • Leveraging structured and unstructured customer data to attract and retain more customers
Dynamo starts with an analysis of your existing operation, and then provides solution options across five key dimensions:
Is a Dynamo solution right for your business? Find out more by visiting dynamo.groupo.com.
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