Group O's SMART Audit® is a proven process
that optimizes material usage and reduces
your carbon footprint.

Our SMART Audit is a smart way to raise the bar for your business and capture incremental cost savings. It’s a proven and comprehensive program that specializes in optimizing material usage. The result is a meaningful reduction in your carbon footprint. You capture cost savings by dramatically reducing multiple suppliers, freight costs, excess inventory and inefficient economic order quantity while gaining continuity of materials across your plant operations. You’ll also boost material compliance, leverage your spend, improve safety standards, and gain clear visibility into your material spend pool.

How it works:
SMART Audit is a proven process that will help any business get greener, faster.Smart Audit
  1. Pre-Audit Survey: Gather stretch film and equipment data.
  2. Audit: Perform a total stretch application audit on each line in your facility to understand the current use.
  3. Analyze: Complete a comprehensive forensic through our SMART Audit benchmarks and develops prescriptive recommendations.
  4. Optimize: Calibrate equipment, craft operating protocol changes, and recommend any material changes and training that may be required.
  5. Maintain: Manage periodic auditing of each application to ensure optimized performance results. 
Smart Audit
Case Studies

Food and Beverage Industry

SMART Audit® helps soft drink giant save money — and the planet.

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Soda Cans
Group O is a Top 5 Latino-owned Business and National Minority Supplier of the Year.