Experience and technology to help optimize your packaging operation.

Your packaging operation is up and running.  But is it operating as efficiently as it should be?  Group O provides ongoing executional support to help ensure that your equipment is calibrated correctly, the right products are being used consistently and, most importantly, your shipments are arriving undamaged. 

Our operating solutions include:

  • Provide technology based solution on stretch film usage that will:
    • Monitor equipment performance by each pallet wrapped
    • Reduce your transportation damage costs
    • Show per load wrapped cost metric
    • Identify load containment
    • Quickly alert to potential problem with load shipment
    • Measure film usage
    • Report wrap pattern
    • Program equipment to wrap specification  by SKU being wrapped
    • Adjust wrap pattern automatically through multiple SKU identifiers
  • Provide the correct film
  • Provide the correct pre-stretch gears
  • Provide technicians to maintain optimal equipment performance
  • Technology-enabled data collection supports information gathering and performance analysis across the packaging process for continuous improvement
Case Studies

Better packaging results for MillerCoors:
Tastes great and less filling.

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