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Stretch Wrappers

Wide variety of stretch wrapping machines to accommodate any load size and volume.  Semi or fully automatic options available.

Shrink Wrappers

Full range of semi-automatic and in-line automatic shrink wrapping machines. Ideal for: multi-packaging and tamper resistance

Shrink Bundlers

Full range of semi-automatic and in-line automatic bundling. Partial and fully enclosed configurations. 

Strapping Systems

Table top semi-automatic and in-line automatic arch banding. Quickly strap and package boxes and pallets. 

Labeling Equipment

Apply or print and apply labels on various products, containers, or packages.

Bagging Systems

Manual tabletop, fully automatic models with bag printing capability or automatic part counting and bag loading.


Gravity, power roller and belt conveyors as well as pallet conveyor.

Carton and Case Sealers

Close and seal corrugated boxes with pressure sensitive or water activated tape or glue. Semi and full-automated models.

Case and Tray Erectors

Automatically erect corrugated boxes. Various models accommodate a wide range of case sizes, styles, and speed.

Parts and Service

We offer an expansive range of equipment parts and services to keep your packaging operation running smoothly.

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Material Optimization

Use Group O's SMART Audit to identify packaging equipment and material inefficiencies.

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Packaging Materials

We can provide you with the packaging supplies and materials you need to optimize your operations.

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