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MOD-PAL Robotic Palletizing System

7 Pre-Engineered Configurations

Mix & Match Configurator

Integrated Slip-sheet Tooling

Compact Footprint

Easy to Use Controls

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Efficiently transport your products with our versatile conveyor systems, designed to meet your specific requirements. Gravity, power roller, belt conveyors, and pallet conveyors are all available.

Carton and Case Sealers

Seal your cartons and cases securely to ensure product integrity during transit. Close and seal corrugated boxes using pressure-sensitive or water-activated tape or glue, with options for both semi and fully automated models.

Case and Tray Erectors

Speed up your packaging process with our automatic case and tray erectors. Automatically erect corrugated boxes. Various models accommodate a wide range of case sizes, styles, and speed.

Box Formers

Speed up your packaging process with our automatic case and tray erectors. Pneumatic and mechanical motions fold and securely glue to form a fully erected box.

Stretch Hoods

Secure your pallets and products with stretch hoods for safe storage and transportation. This is a highly efficient and innovative pallet packaging system that adapts to the dimensions of the load.


Achieve a professional look and superior product protection with L-sealing technology. Available in both automatic and semi-automatic formats, L-Sealers create poly bags of heat-sensitive shrink film around your products.

Stretch Wrappers

Efficiently wrap pallets with stretch film for secure shipping. A wide variety of stretch wrapping machines is available to accommodate any load size and volume, with options for both semi and fully automatic operation.

Shrink Wrappers

We offer a full range of semi-automatic and in-line automatic shrink wrapping machines, which are ideal for applications such as multi-packaging and ensuring tamper resistance.

Shrink Bundlers

Our offerings include a full range of semi-automatic and in-line automatic bundling systems available in both partial and fully enclosed configurations.

Strapping Systems

Ensure product stability with our strapping systems, suitable for a wide range of applications. Tabletop semi-automatic and in-line automatic arch banding equipment efficiently secures and packages boxes and pallets with speed and ease.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are a versatile choice, well-suited for a wide range of applications including food products, medical needs, and liquids. These machines remove air from the storage chamber, ensuring equal pressure inside and outside the pouch, making them particularly effective when high vacuum levels are necessary.

Nozzle Vacuum Sealers

Nozzle-style vacuum sealers offer both user-friendliness and easy maintenance. Unlike chamber-style machines, these nozzle sealers lack a confined chamber, allowing them to efficiently seal a wide array of products, including large or cumbersome items. They can be equipped with a gas flush feature for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in industrial settings.

Bagging Systems

Efficiently bag products for retail or distribution. Manual tabletop, fully automatic models with bag printing capability or automatic part counting and bag loading.


Automatically stack pallets for convenient storage and shipping. Automate stacking cases or products onto a pallet. High or low-level palletizers as well as robotic models. Load on pallets or directly on conveyors.

Labeling Equipment

Add professional labels to your products with our labeling solutions. Apply, print, and apply labels on various products, containers, or packages.

Parts and Service

We offer an wide range of equipment parts & service to keep your packaging operation running smoothly.

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Material Optimization

Use Group O's SMART Audit to identify packaging equipment and material inefficiencies.

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Packaging Materials

We can provide you with the packaging supplies and materials you need to optimize your operations.

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