Engage your customers on the go
with powerful mobile solutions.

Group O’s cutting-edge mobile technology solutions help our clients to acquire and activate customers and drive purchase decisions.  From location services to product comparisons, promotions, payment, loyalty programs and more, Group O can develop a solution to meet your emerging mobile needs.

Mobile devices — particularly smartphones and tablets — are quickly changing the way we live and interact with major brands.  Smartphones are starting to eclipse more basic devices, and nearly 58% of users have already used their mobile device for store-related shopping.  Once hooked on using their mobile device as a shopping aid, customer usage of smartphones increases to 50-60% of all shopping trips.  That’s a significant data point, as mobile purchases grow to 17-21% of all shopping the next few years, possibly topping $750 billion a year by 2016.

Our advice: Don’t wait for the mobile revolution to pass you by.  Make sure you’re engaging your customers and prospects in a way that enables and improves their mobile shopping experience.  Our experts have created mobile apps and provided data analysis that helps some of the world’s top brands build deeper relationships with their best customers.  We provide technology and services including:

  • Locator services
  • Information search
  • Product and price comparisons
  • Offers and promotions
  • Purchase decision management
  • Payment and information exchange
  • Customer communications
  • Social media integration
  • Account servicing
  • Loyalty programs, rebates and incentives
  • Warranty and relationship management
  • Big data analysis
  • Detailed purchase analytics and predictive modeling

We can help you keep up with your customers and start moving from interactions to transactions.


Group O is a Top 5 Latino-owned Business and National Minority Supplier of the Year.