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how cannabis packaging turns sustainable

How Cannabis Packaging Turns Sustainable

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Through the recent expansion of legalized marijuana, the demand for packaging is at an all time high. Proper packaging for marijuana is crucial – as it maintains the freshness of a product, provides information for consumers, and is a valuable opportunity for branding and marketing.  Unfortunately, packaging is incredibly harmful towards the environment, as it requires…

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How is Cannabis Packaged?

Cannabis Packaging Tips The cannabis market is on the rise. As of the writing of this article, 37 states allow medical use and 21 states allow recreational use, other states are sure to follow in the near future. With the increased demand for cannabis, medical or recreational, the need for packaging will be at an all time high. Cannabis comes in various forms, from flower and oils to edibles and…

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how is cannabis packaged - tips for cannabis packaging
4 mistakes to avoid when automating your packaging system

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Automating Your Packaging System

Automated Packaging System Mistakes to Avoid As the demand for a product increases, so does the need to increase production levels. While manufacturers need to keep up with these increasing demands, they also need to do it in a cost effective way. Many are implementing automated functions in packaging to meet this increasing demand. When it comes to automating your packaging system, these are the…

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8 Factors To Consider In Packaging Design

Packaging Design Factors When designing your product’s packaging you will have to consider far more than color choice or label design. Afterall, packages serve more than one function. To fully understand the strategy that goes into packaging design, you will need to consider the following eight factors.  Safety Safety is of the utmost importance. Your packaging design will need to ensure that package…

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8 factors to consider in packaging design
how to develop a successful packaging design strategy

How to Develop a Successful Packaging Design Strategy

Successful Packaging Design In order for your packaging design to be successful, it needs to protect your product while also being visually on-brand and cost-effective. With so many other packaging functions to consider and with sustainable packaging practices heavy on consumers’ minds, designing successful packaging will take a little forethought. Clearly, there is a lot more at play here than designing…

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6 Functions of Packaging

Functions of Good Packaging How important is packaging design, really? Afterall, isn’t it just the box that a product comes in? There is more to it than that.  Packaging plays a role in all aspects of the supply chain, from the moment a customer places an order all the way to that order’s fulfillment. When done correctly, a package protects the product from damage while also promoting the brand and…

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6 functions of packaging
the impact of packaging on the supply chain

The Impact of Packaging on the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Packaging Packaging has a significant impact on each stage of the supply chain and is critical not only to protecting your product during transport, but to reducing inefficiencies, material usage, and waste.  When companies take the time to properly design their packaging with the supply chain in mind, they are able to streamline their packaging operations with automation, reduce transportation…

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Sustainability Through Packaging Automation

Labor and Process Automation for Sustainability There are a variety of different actions companies can take to reduce their carbon footprint in the packaging industry. From reducing the use of plastic in packaging products to using alternative eco-friendly materials, companies have the potential to positively impact the environment and offset their carbon emissions.  Another useful tool to consider…

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hemp recyclable compostable material blog graphic

How Hemp Packaging Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Hemp Packaging Process As more states legalize the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis for adults, the stigma around cannabis and related products like hemp are dissipating. Hemp is back in the spotlight as its sustainable characteristics are being recognized for its use in the packaging industry.  Hemp is a crop specifically grown to make paper, textiles, bio-plastics, and other materials…

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Sustainable Packaging Made from Sugarcane

Sugarcane is proving to be a popular, eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials that more companies are adopting. As sustainable practices continue to inform consumers' buying decisions, sugarcane offers a sustainable solution to the eco-conscious consumer’s needs. By incorporating sugarcane packaging into your packaging process you are not only meeting the demands of the market but…

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