4 mistakes to avoid when automating your packaging system

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Automating Your Packaging System

Automated Packaging System Mistakes to Avoid As the demand for a product increases, so does the need to increase production levels. While manufacturers need to keep up with these increasing demands, they also need to do it in a cost effective way. Many are implementing automated functions in packaging to meet this increasing demand. When it comes to automating your packaging system, these are the…

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8 Factors To Consider In Packaging Design

Packaging Design Factors When designing your product’s packaging you will have to consider far more than color choice or label design. Afterall, packages serve more than one function. To fully understand the strategy that goes into packaging design, you will need to consider the following eight factors.  Safety Safety is of the utmost importance. Your packaging design will need to ensure that package…

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8 factors to consider in packaging design
how to develop a successful packaging design strategy

How to Develop a Successful Packaging Design Strategy

Successful Packaging Design In order for your packaging design to be successful, it needs to protect your product while also being visually on-brand and cost-effective. With so many other packaging functions to consider and with sustainable packaging practices heavy on consumers’ minds, designing successful packaging will take a little forethought. Clearly, there is a lot more at play here than designing…

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6 Functions of Packaging

Functions of Good Packaging How important is packaging design, really? Afterall, isn’t it just the box that a product comes in? There is more to it than that.  Packaging plays a role in all aspects of the supply chain, from the moment a customer places an order all the way to that order’s fulfillment. When done correctly, a package protects the product from damage while also promoting the brand and…

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6 functions of packaging
the impact of packaging on the supply chain

The Impact of Packaging on the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Packaging Packaging has a significant impact on each stage of the supply chain and is critical not only to protecting your product during transport, but to reducing inefficiencies, material usage, and waste.  When companies take the time to properly design their packaging with the supply chain in mind, they are able to streamline their packaging operations with automation, reduce transportation…

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8 Spend Management KPIs

8 Key Metrics for Effective Spend Management Spend management, the practice of monitoring a company's procurement expenses, is a crucial method for cutting costs and enhancing productivity. To optimize your spend management strategy, it's essential to keep a close eye on your performance. The specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should focus on can vary from one company to another, depending…

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8 spend management kpis successful spend analysis
how to automate your spend management

How To Automate Your Spend Management

Enhancing Spend Management Through Automation: Addressing Challenges and Gaining Efficiency Automations throughout the supply chain have proven their effectiveness in reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. When applied to spend analysis and management, automated processes offer the potential to exert greater control over expenses and provide deeper insights into spending patterns. Let's explore…

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Spend Strategy Benefits

The Top 4 Benefits of Great Spend Strategy Spend management is the process of collecting and analyzing spend data in an organization in order to uncover major cost savings opportunities. Spend management typically pertains to an organization’s procurement process. Below are four of the most impactful benefits of adopting a spend management strategy for your organization.  Increased Visibility Firstly,…

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top 4 benefits of spend strategy
developing spend management strategy

Spend Management Strategy

Developing or Improving a Spend Management Strategy Spend management is the process of collecting, categorizing, and evaluating spend data in the procurement process to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Spend management is an important tool that ensures your business is not wasting money on unnecessary or redundant expenses in the procurement and sourcing process. In order to capitalize on spend…

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Supply Chain Robotics and Automation

Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Supply Chain Management In recent years, disruptions to the global supply chain have become increasingly common, with the ongoing pandemic impacting industries worldwide. To address these challenges, supply chain leaders have been exploring innovative solutions, one of which is the integration of robotics and automated processes. This article will delve…

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robotics automation supply chain