definition of a value added reseller

Definition of a Value-Added Reseller

Defining and Unleashing the Power of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to Boost Your Business Are you wondering what a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) is and how it can benefit your business? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of VARs, explore their functions, and shed light on the immense value they bring to companies.  What is a Value-Added Reseller? A VAR is a strategic…

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Trends in Green Supply Chain Practices

Joining the Global Push For a Sustainable Future There’s no question that the global push for a more sustainable future is impacting businesses in a multitude of ways – supply chain is no different. From investing in new modes of transportation to optimizing product packaging and circular supply chains – there are a plethora of ways businesses are optimizing their supply chains and making them more…

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investing in greener transportation for supply chain practices
strong factors affecting green supply chain practices

Factors Affecting Green Supply Chain Practices

Green Supply Chain Practices Factors to Lower Carbon Footprint Green supply chain practices are incredibly important, as they are a critical component for companies to lower their carbon footprint and create long-lasting, positive change for the planet. Achieving a green supply chain can seem like an overwhelming and stressful process – but with the right guidance and coordination, it can be a smooth…

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Types of Green Supply Chain Practices

The Best Types of Green Supply Chain Practices Supply chains are responsible for the majority of energy and resources used by a company, which is why companies should implement sustainable practices. Green supply chain practices have the power to make a lasting impact on the planet, while simultaneously increasing a company’s cost efficiency.  This article will discuss sustainable supply chain…

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purchasing types of green supply chain practices
sustainable green supply chain practices

Sustainable and Green Supply Chain Practices

What are Sustainable Supply Chain Practices? At Group O, we help businesses incorporate sustainable and green practices into their supply chains. While sustainable and green practices are similar, there is a difference. Sustainable practices focus on reducing impact, while green practices focus on improving environmental health. The goal of these practices is to decrease carbon emissions and waste,…

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6 steps to successful rebate processing

Successful Rebate Processing - 6 Steps to a Smooth Rebate Program After the rebate program has been implemented and the goal incentive has been met, the rebate processing stage begins. An important part of having a successful rebate program is having an efficient rebate processing program in place. When processing a rebate, accuracy is crucial, otherwise there could be a loss of profit or reputation.…

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6 steps to successful rebate processing
How to measure the success of your rebate program

Rebate Programs: Measuring Success

How to Measure Success of Rebate Programs Rebate programs should drive sales, not frustration. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to maximize the potential of their rebate offers and lose sight of what makes them so valuable in the first place. Companies offer rebates for three primary reasons:  - Gain market share - Reduce competitor market share - Increase sales While customers love rebates,…

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How do Rebate Programs Work?

Rebate Programs A rebate program is used to incentivize sales. In short, a buyer makes a purchase from a seller, and afterwards the buyer can claim a rebate from the seller. The rebate is a money-back reward for purchasing a certain value, volume, or percentage of goods. It is essentially a delayed discount.  Rebates are a more suitable option than discounts, because if a company continuously discounted…

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how do rebate programs work
what are examples of rebates popular rebate examples

What are Examples of Rebates?

Rebate Examples Before we dive into some examples of rebates, let’s define what a rebate is. Rebates are a retrospective payment from a seller to a buyer, given after the agreed upon incentive is met. The purpose of a rebate is to motivate the buyer to purchase more goods, as well as build customer loyalty. There are multiple different types of rebate incentives sellers will use, which are strategically…

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What is Rebate Processing?

Rebate Processing - Behind the Scenes of Rebates Rebate processing is when a financial incentive between a seller and buyer is agreed upon, tracked, and claimed. Rebate programs are implemented as a way to increase sales growth, while protecting price integrity. The rebate acts as a payment from the seller to the buyer, which is paid retroactively to the buyer after the agreement has been met.  Rebates…

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what is rebate processing?