types of kitting services available

Types of Kitting Services

What kitting services are available? Kitting is the process of assembling and consolidating related items into a single package. Whether you’re looking to assemble tools for a DIY project, package ingredients for a recipe, or bundle products for promotional offers – kitting offers the convenience of having everything needed in a single unit and eliminates the hassle of searching for individual items. Outsourcing…

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Kitting as a Value Added Service for 3PLS & Warehouses

Kitting and 3PLs / Warehouses go Hand-in-Hand Kitting is the process of assembling items that are typically purchased or used together into a single package. The kit is sold as one unit (with one SKU) and typically includes all of the necessary items needed to complete a specific task, project, or activity.  Many businesses outsource their kitting services to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider…

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kitting as a value added service for 3PL and Warehouses
how cannabis packaging turns sustainable

How Cannabis Packaging Turns Sustainable

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Through the recent expansion of legalized marijuana, the demand for packaging is at an all time high. Proper packaging for marijuana is crucial – as it maintains the freshness of a product, provides information for consumers, and is a valuable opportunity for branding and marketing.  Unfortunately, packaging is incredibly harmful towards the environment, as it requires…

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How is Cannabis Packaged?

Cannabis Packaging Tips The cannabis market is on the rise. As of the writing of this article, 37 states allow medical use and 21 states allow recreational use, other states are sure to follow in the near future. With the increased demand for cannabis, medical or recreational, the need for packaging will be at an all time high. Cannabis comes in various forms, from flower and oils to edibles and…

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how is cannabis packaged - tips for cannabis packaging
the pros and cons of value added resellers

The Pros and Cons of Value Added Resellers

Understanding what a Value-Added Reseller is and What They Do A value-added reseller (VAR) is a business entity that gains permission from a supplier or OEM to enhance a product. The VAR will customize a product by adding new and valuable features, which enables the value-added resellers to resell the product for a higher price.  Essentially, the primary goal of a VAR is to increase the desirability…

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Key Factors to Choosing the Right VAR

How to Choose the Right Value-Added Reseller Value-added resellers (VAR) are an effective marketing tool outsourced by companies to enhance their existing products through the addition of new features. VARs are business entities that provide project based solutions to companies in exchange for the right to sell the customized products.  The right fitting VAR will not only help you grow your business,…

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key factors to choosing the right var
definition of a value added reseller

Definition of a Value-Added Reseller

Defining and Unleashing the Power of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to Boost Your Business Are you wondering what a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) is and how it can benefit your business? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of VARs, explore their functions, and shed light on the immense value they bring to companies.  What is a Value-Added Reseller? A VAR is a strategic…

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Trends in Green Supply Chain Practices

Joining the Global Push For a Sustainable Future There’s no question that the global push for a more sustainable future is impacting businesses in a multitude of ways – supply chain is no different. From investing in new modes of transportation to optimizing product packaging and circular supply chains – there are a plethora of ways businesses are optimizing their supply chains and making them more…

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investing in greener transportation for supply chain practices
strong factors affecting green supply chain practices

Factors Affecting Green Supply Chain Practices

Green Supply Chain Practices Factors to Lower Carbon Footprint Green supply chain practices are incredibly important, as they are a critical component for companies to lower their carbon footprint and create long-lasting, positive change for the planet. Achieving a green supply chain can seem like an overwhelming and stressful process – but with the right guidance and coordination, it can be a smooth…

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Types of Green Supply Chain Practices

The Best Types of Green Supply Chain Practices Supply chains are responsible for the majority of energy and resources used by a company, which is why companies should implement sustainable practices. Green supply chain practices have the power to make a lasting impact on the planet, while simultaneously increasing a company’s cost efficiency.  This article will discuss sustainable supply chain…

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purchasing types of green supply chain practices