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Types of Stretch Wrap Machines

Common Types of Stretch Wrap Machines and Equipment In the packaging industry, stretch film is essential for securing products, organizing shipments, and reducing worker injury during shipping and handling. Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), stretch film is a sturdy yet thin plastic with a strong cling. Its elasticity acts as a rubber band, tightly securing products to pallets for…

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Stretch Film Benefits

A Guide to Stretch Film: 6 Major Benefits  Stretch film is a popular method to secure and protect packages during shipping and handling, and for a good reason: it’s efficient, cost effective, and sturdy. Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), stretch film, or stretch wrap, is a plastic film that combines strength with flexibility.  Stretch film is used for pallet wrapping products for…

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What is Stretch Film?

Stretch Film: An Essential Packaging Tool for Secure Transport Stretch film, or stretch wrap, is essential for transporting packages safely. It is a packaging material created to protect products from damage and from the elements during transit. Stretch film is highly elastic and has a strong stretch memory, meaning that once stretched the film will want to go back to its original size. Because of…

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Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Design Tips

Get Creative with Package Design While Remaining in Line With Sustainability Goals Consumers are demanding that brands take action to combat climate change. There is a lot that brands can do to offset their carbon footprint and decrease their environmental impact, one sustainable practice is using environmentally friendly packaging when shipping products. Sustainable packaging includes using compostable,…

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

7 Packaging Materials for 2023 to Help You Respond to Consumers Desire for More Eco-Friendly Packaging As conscious consumers push for sustainable action, many brands are making eco-friendly choices that not only lessen their environmental impact, but grow their loyal customer base. One of the ways your brand can make a sustainable difference is by using eco-friendly packaging material instead of…

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What is Sustainable Packaging Design?

Your Business’s packaging matters. What your packaging is made of matters, too.  Packaging is the first thing your customers see and it can tell them a lot about the product inside. With the conscious consumer pushing for brands to take on social and environmental responsibilities, sustainable packaging design is an innovative solution for the way of the future. Consumers are driving eco-friendly…

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Advantages of Sustainable Packaging

Businesses are focusing on waste, and you should too. Here's why.  E-commerce is growing exponentially as consumers turn to the internet to make purchases. It’s easy and fast, but the e-commerce industry has a large, often negative impact on the environment because of the packaging waste it produces. With this in mind, more and more consumers are pushing for brands to take action and shift towards…

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Case Studies of Successful Kitting as a Value-Added Service

Bundling Items Together in Kits Offers a Convenient Solution Kitting as a value-added service involves the bundling of items together into convenient kits, offering customers a comprehensive and convenient solution. Businesses across various industries have leveraged kitting to drive customer satisfaction, increase sales, and gain a competitive edge.  By learning from the experiences of industry…

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case studies successful kitting as a value added service
strategies for offering kitting as a value added service can be a game changer

Strategies for Offering Kitting as a Value-Added Service

Change the Game with Kitting Solutions and Stand Out In the Marketplace By assembling items that are commonly purchased or used together into convenient kits, businesses can provide customers with hassle-free and comprehensive solutions. Kitting as a value-added service can be a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and stand out in a competitive…

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Benefits of Kitting as a Value-Added Service

Drive Growth and Give Your Company a Competitive Edge with Kitting Kitting, the process of bundling related items together into convenient packages, offers businesses a range of benefits that drives growth and provides a competitive edge. As industries continue to evolve, embracing the advantages of kitting can position businesses for long-term success. When it comes to kitting services, outsourcing…

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benefits of kitting as a value added service