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6 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Packaging for Your Product

Think choosing packaging doesn’t matter? Think again! According to research, a full 72% of American consumers base some of their product decision making on packaging. In addition, high quality packaging is something many consumers are willing to pay a premium for. Why is this? Because external packaging is often any customer’s first interaction with your product.

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Emerging Trends in Custom Packaging for Cannabis

As marijuana legalization is approved in more and more states, distributors are ramping up production. It is critical they find the right balance of product safety and eye-catching graphics in this unique packaging segment.

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emerging trends in custom packaging for cannabis
6 Things to Consider Before Hiring Call Center Support

6 Things to Consider Before Hiring Call Center Support

A recent survey conducted by Microsoft for its Global Customer Service Report showed that more than half of businesses interviewed say they have dropped a provider due to poor customer service. That’s why it’s critically important to deliver world class customer service in your call center. Often, outsourcing this high-value work helps deliver better results that meet client expectations.  Choosing a firm with extensive, documented call center excellence means your customers will work with experienced, highly trained agents while your in-house employees focus on other tasks.

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Employee Incentive Programs: What They Are and Why Use Them

Should you add employee incentives programs to your company plans? If you're not doing so already, the answer is likely yes.  As we put 2020 behind us and move into a new and evolving work environment, it’s more important than ever for companies to drive engagement, battle apathy, and incentivize employees to reach goals. One of the best ways to do so is through smart, effective employee incentive programs that offer tangible benefits.

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Employee Incentives - What they are and why we use them
Bonus products

Types of Bonus Products You Can Add to Packaging

There are many ways to entice customers when you sell products on store shelves. One way to draw their attention is with free bonus products. The products could be included in a small production run to help boost sales and get consumers to use the product. Bonus products work differently than coupons or discounts and provide a lot of value to product placement on store shelves. Learn about the bonus…

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Polyethylene or Polyolefin?

Do you want to ensure that your products or packaged goods have the right protection? One way to do this is through shrink-wrap. But which shrink-wrap material should you choose? Two common choices are polyolefin and polyethylene. Discover more about these two options and what each can provide for your packaging needs.

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Polyethylene or Polyolefin Packaging
Electroluminescent Packaging - one of three additions to product packaging

3 Creative and Meaningful Additions to Product Packaging

Great packaging convinces the consumer to purchase that product. Times are changing, and printed product packaging must evolve to meet the demands of a new, technology-driven, environmentally-conscious consumer. To stay successful in the race to offer the most profitable packaging, consider a few subtle changes to your existing design. Here are three creative and meaningful new roles for your printed…

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3 Retail Display Options to Help Your Product Stand Out

When your product reaches retail stores, the last thing you want is to worry about the item sitting on the shelves for extended periods of time. Retail display options will help you promote new product launches, draw the attention of consumers, and create a memorable marketing campaign. Learn about three display options to help your products stand out to consumers during their retail shopping experience. 1.…

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Custom corrugated pallet display
What is Supplier Management?

What Is Supplier Management?

If you regularly rely on a large group of supplier to keep your business running, you should be actively managing these suppliers. But what does this entail? What is supplier management, and what can it do for the company you operate? Here are a few answer to these vital business questions. 

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3 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Improve Employee Morale in the Workplace Employees who are respected and valued are more efficient and productive. Below we will explore three tangible ways to improve morale in the workplace. 1. Employee Recognition Sincere praise and recognition of a job well done is a great way to engender loyalty. Loyal employees are more engaged and willing to go above and beyond basic job duties to achieve…

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Employee Morale