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Rewards When and Where You Want Them

Consumers, sales channels, and employees alike are highly reactive to the right incentives, so it is no surprise that loyalty programs are popping up everywhere! No matter what your company goals are, a mobile loyalty program might just be the tool you are looking for to boost sales and drive loyalty. The importance of mobile The mobile market is booming, so much in fact that during Black…

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Supplier Diversity Matters

Diversity initiatives have become a best practice applicable to almost every business. The purpose of supplier diversity is to encourage businesses to source their supplies from traditionally underutilized business vendors. Supplier diversity programs increase vendor competition, quality of goods and services, and potentially cut operational costs. Some of the diverse classifications include Minority-Owned,…

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8 Essential Skills Every Customer Service Agent Should Have

Each year, companies have millions of interactions with their customers and clients, and a study by Talkdesk revealed that only 19% of customers are satisfied with the service they receive from customer contact centers. Whether the contact is over the phone, via e-mail or social media, customer service agents represent your brand and define what a customer thinks about your company. Without good customer…

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Deciding to outsource a business function is not always easy and requires an understanding of the costs to perform that function internally, as well as determining if it aligns with core competencies and strategic vision. Does the function fall outside of your company’s core competency and expertise?  Is it draining valuable resources that can be better leveraged elsewhere? If you answered yes, it…

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